Bones - The Boneless Bride in the River

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"The Boneless Bride in the River" is episode sixteen of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


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The Crime Scene - A River

This episode opens with Brennan accompanying Booth to a crime scene on a river - even though she's supposed to be on vacation with Sully. Booth suggests that next time she takes a vacation, she should actually leave town.


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A Body in a Box

What they have is a box, that used to be locked, that contains a really weird-looking body. What they have is a body that is missing every single bone. Which is a bit unusual. Angela says that she can't construct a skull to go with the skin. Normally she does it the other way around; this way seems too icky. The body has also been boiled, various incisions were made and the skeleton removed. Then the skin was sewn back, leaving everything inside except the brain and the eyes. With there being no bones - Brennan's speciality - she goes back on vacation. Zack and Hodgins stick a balloon inside the skin's head and inflate it to try and recreate the face. This is not a great success.


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The Dead Woman's Fiancée - More Than a Little Suspect

Sully is thinking of buying a boat (again) and what's Brennan to help him test it out, but Booth keeps interrupting about the case until Sully says they may as well give up and help. The dead woman was over from China on a fiancée visa. The husband-to-be doesn't seem exactly distraught about her death and claims that the marriage was called off. He also has a criminal record as a fence and a serious China fetish and runs off when Booth speaks to him. He also had a fake background. There's also a Chinese tradition (ghost marriage) which involves burying the bones from a dead woman with a young male as a bride for the afterlife. Killing a woman in order to get her bones is not how it's done, but the bones of such a woman command a high fee. So is someone doing a variety of bodysnatching? There would appear to be something odd going on with the market, but what's the connection to the dead woman?


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Personal Matters

Sully asks Brennan a big question. Not the biggest, but quite a big one. Booth and Brennan discuss the former's therapy.

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