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"The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life" is episode eleven of season twelve of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs, and the first part of the two-part season and series finale. In this episode it's discovered that Mark Kovac, the man who wants to kill Booth's family, has escaped from prison.


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Open With a Countdown then Back 24 Hours

The episode opens with what is presumably a bomb's timer ticking down. From 20 seconds. Before time runs out, the episode goes back 24 hours earlier to Cam's viewpoint with Clark proposing a toast at Cam and Arastoo's wedding. Clark does the toast, then Hodgins rolls up and says he missed it, so another is made. Cam reminds several of them that she is still there boss - for now, as Clark cannot believe Arastoo has talked Cam into taking six months leave. Cam replies that it's 8 years since her last vacation, so she is due one. Brennan has a tablet and she tells Cam that there is a gift without a card and she doesn't know how to categorise it on her spreadsheet. Cam tells Brennan not to worry and just have fun; Brennan replies that she is.

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Cam is Taking a Leave of Absence

Zack's hearing is tomorrow - at the end of "The Final Chapter: The Steal in the Wheels", the team found the body of Gormogon's previous apprentice, and he had blood on him linked to the murder of the man that Zack claimed he had killed in "The Pain in the Heart", and admitted he didn't do in "The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror". Brennan tells Cam they need to get used to working without her. Cam says to Brennan that she had planned to wait until tomorrow before saying this, but she is considering handing over her role as administrative head of the Jeffersonian. She doesn't know where the next chapter in her life will lead. They both agree they know who the logical choice to take over Cam's role would be (although neither actually state whether or not it's Brennan). Cam's sister brings her the bouquet to toss and afterwards Cam sees Booth, who looks a little troubled. Cam asks Booth if he's okay and he says that he's great, it's nothing. Michelle proposes a toast to the bride and groom, and then gets them up to do the first dance.

Summoned to Work

The next morning Cam is in bed when Arastoo brings her coffee. Arastoo tells Cam it's 11 o'clock and she says that she has to do... nothing. Which is a bit of a first. She first decides to check with Michelle, to find out that Michelle has already sent her a message that she has Cam's bag and not to worry about her. Then Cam discovers she has eight voicemails from the Jeffersonian, saying that something serious has happened at the lab and she needs to come in. Arastoo's phone makes a lot of noises as well; he, too, has got the messages.


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Everything Has Gone Wrong

Seriously guys, tell me, what has gone wrong here.

When Cam and Arastoo arrive, Brennan is on the platform saying that Ms Warren's initial assessment was correct; there is a single gunshot wound to the head. Cam asks who it is and Hodgins tells her they don't know yet. Cam asks why they have been called in if there isn't an ID for the victim, and asks what has gone wrong. Brennan tells her everything.


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From Hodgins' Viewpoint

Hodgins' viewpoint is next, starting at Cam's wedding. He is behind the drinks counter which looks more like a chemistry lab than anything else. Angela is there and she wants to know if Hodgins has heard anything from the doctor and he tells her no, not yet. Aubrey and Karen Delfs are there and Delfs comments that Hodgins is very calm considering that his best friend's murder trial is in 15 hours.

Nice Power Tie Zack

Dr Hodgins, did I just see your wife looking green and running to the ladies' room?

At the trial, Hodgins complements Zack on his power tie; Zack starts talking about its phallic shape before Hodgins cuts him off. Hopefully not a bit of information Zack will bring up in the trial. Brennan asks Zack if he's sure he wants to represent himself, especially as the opposing lawyer - and Caroline rolls up and describes herself. She is the opposing lawyer. Caroline tells Hodgins that Angela is a bit green and is in the toilet, blaming it on Hodgins' drinks. Brennan goes to check on her.


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Caroline is the Opposing Prosecutor

In the trial, Hodgins stated that the blood on the clothes of Gormogon's former apprentice was an exact match to the person that Zack is supposed to have killed. Zack is the one cross-examining Hodgins on the stand, and he talks about his confession, which Hodgins says was false and rescinded. Caroline says to Hodgins that it's rare for such unbelievably strong evidence to surface a decade after the trial. She asks Hodgins if there hadn't been a suspicion that evidence might have been tampered with. Zack objects but Hodgins says he will answer it anyway. He tells Caroline that stringent protocols were put in place so that no-one examined the evidence alone. Caroline then asks if it's impossible for someone as brilliant as Hodgins to plant such compelling evidence. And Hodgins needn't answer that one.

A Call from Aubrey

When Hodgins returns to Brennan's side, he asks what Caroline is doing. Caroline's closing statement again mentions the compelling evidence and that they should consider the family of the victim before re-opening the case. Hodgins starts objecting until the judge tells the bailiff to escort him from the courtroom. Hodgins leaves and Brennan follows; he tells her that Caroline is deliberately sinking the case. Brennan tells him to calm down, as making a scene will do nothing to help Zack. Brennan doesn't mention that Caroline's actions, if she is attempting to deliberately sink the case, seem a little off. Over the top on occasion. Hodgins then gets a call, not the expected one for a doctor but from Aubrey.


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Aubrey Feels Rather Like the Victim - Who is Dead

To be honest, about like our victim.

Hodgins arrives at the scene where Jessica and a rather ill-looking Aubrey already are. Hodgins asks Aubrey how he is feeling; Aubrey says that, to be honest, he feels rather like the victim. Who is dead. The victim is in his late 20s and is wearing clothes that they believe may be from a prison uniform and has a single gunshot wound to the head. Aubrey says that there is a prison not far from here and is going to head into the woods. Hodgins tells Jessica to go with Aubrey. When she questions this, he tells her to just go with him; it can't hurt.


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Mark Kovac Has Escaped from Prison

Back in the present, Cam is told that two inmates escaped from prison. One is Mark Kovac, who killed Max in "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score" before he was caught, and had kidnapped Aldo Clemens, which was discovered in "The Final Chapter: The Price of the Past". They have one body, and the other guy is still out there. They don't know which. Arastoo asks about age and race markers but the profiles of the two men are roughly the same. Angela is doing facial reconstruction and she tells them the dead man is not Kovac. So somewhere out there is a man who wants to kill Brennan and her family.

Now from Aubrey's Viewpoint

The episode goes back again to the wedding, this time from Aubrey's viewpoint. Aubrey grabs two drinks from Hodgins and when it's said he's being a gentleman, getting one for Jessica, Aubrey replies that that are both for him. He is anxious about the big move - in the previous episode, "The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party", Booth gave Aubrey lead because of a job coming up in Los Angeles - and Aubrey hasn't asked Jessica to move yet. He doesn't know if she will want to and truthfully he's avoiding her. Delfs tells him that it's a sign of a healthy relationship, considering Jessica's point of view; Caroline chips in and says that avoiding her isn't. Jessica comes over at this point, just as Cam is throwing her bouquet. You can guess who catches it. Aubrey has a big drink.


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Aubrey Wakes Up at Karen Delfs' House

The next day, Aubrey wakes up in an unfamiliar bed with a stuffed toy and a massive hangover. Then Karen Delfs enters the room. Aubrey starts asking if they did when Jessica enters too. At Aubrey's reaction, she tells him not to be a pig. Aubrey was so wasted they were afraid he would throw up in the cab, and Karen offered them a place to stay. Delfs tells Jessica that Aubrey has something he wants to ask her and leaves. The Aubrey's phone rings; Booth, about a body covered in acid. Which Aubrey says will help with the nausea. When Aubrey struggles getting out of bed, Jessica states she will drive.

The Means of Escape

During the walk in the woods, Aubrey brings up the subject of LA; Jessica says that she was starting to wonder. Aubrey asks if that's a yes; she says it's a don't know. She isn't sure she wants to move across the country - especially with a man who isn't listening to her. For Aubrey has found a tunnel covered in branches; presumably how the prisoners escaped. And it's been blown open.


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Kovac Has Outside Help

At the FBI, Kovac's wife is on the way in and Aubrey tells Booth that the explosive used, according to Hodgins, is military grade HMX. Hard to get and that means Kovac has someone helping him from outside. Mrs Kovac served her husband with divorce papers when he went to prison. But he called her mobile twice this morning from a blocked number. Aubrey tells her that they want to clone her phone so that they can monitor incoming calls.

Jessica Has Bad News

Caroline bumps into Aubrey at the diner, where he is picking up some food, and he asks how the trial went. She tells him about as well as expected but she may have made a few squint enemies in the process. Aubrey wants to know what she means, but Booth calls as the Pentagon has got back to him. It's not good news. Jessica pulls Aubrey aside for a talk, and tells him that she can't move to LA; her whole life is here. She isn't ready to take the next step, and thinks they need to take a step back. She doesn't think there is a future for them in LA. Or anywhere.


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Now from Angela's Viewpoint

The same general period of time is seen from Angela's, Brenann's and finally Booth's viewpoints, until it gets up to the present. Avalon had delivered a warning to Booth, asking Angela to get him; she tells him to look for the signs and he keeps seeing omens. Booth has taken his kids to the FBI to keep them safe. The big problem is that the Pentagon told Booth that a lot of HMX was missing. Far more than was needed to escape from prison. So Kovac is out there somewhere with enough explosive to make a very big bang. Zack's trial is resolved in the latter part, but there are still many things to do. It's a cliff-hanger ending leading into the finale, "The Final Chapter: The End in the End". Will what happens make Jessica rethink things? Will everyone survive?

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