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"The Body in the Bag" is episode ten of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, human remains are found in a shower that has been on for several days.

The Decomposing Mess in the Shower

A hot shower is running when a man enters the house calling out for Paisley, who has apparently been avoiding him. So, when he hears it, he decides to join her (which really does not seem appropriate). He can't see the woman when he enters, then slips and falls on the floor, landing next to a mess that used to be a body.

Bits of the Victim Everywhere

When Booth arrives at the scene, Cam and Brennan are in the shower, which has been running for three days at 105 degrees. Much of the victim has gone down the drain as a result. Hodgins is on a walkie talkie describing how he's going to get the rest of the remains, and Booth turns him off because it gets disgusting. Unfortunately, this was just before Hodgins warned everyone not to be around the plughole. Consequently, things get much more disgusting and Cam, Brennan and Booth end up wearing bits of the victim.


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The Missing Socialite

The property belongs to a 23 year old socialite who hasn't been seen in a few days. Her (really shallow) best friend recently unfriended her on Facebook after Paisley gave her a Chanel handbag that, when she tried to return it for having the wrong metal, turned out to be fake.

Not the Missing Socialite

Clark (who has decided to be much more open personally, going from one extreme to pretty much the other) finds anomalies in the skeleton, anomalies that would indicate that the victim is Asian. Which Paisley is not. So this is not Paisley. There was also a fragment of paper bearing Chinese characters on it, which Brennan identifies as a traditional Chinese spell, for a bone disorder the victim had. The spell leads to a traditional Chinese pharmacist, who was also the victim's fiancée. They had been having some problems, due to her desire to be more American and turn her back on traditional Chinese culture, and he hadn't heard from her in a week. The victim knew Paisley, but wasn't a friend - the victim was a waitress but Paisley is rich. Although Paisley is still missing.


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A Trade in Counterfeit Goods

The trail leads to a place, where the victim worked, dealing in counterfeit goods. Which gets raided as Booth and Brennan are there. Paisley had given a counterfeit Chanel bag, and this is big business. The missing Paisley owed money for purses, and the victim had apparently gone to see her.


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Personal Matters

In the previous episode, "The Doctor in the Photo", Brennan confessed to Booth that she had feelings for him. He stated that he now loved Hannah and had moved on, but he feels guilty about not telling Hannah. So Booth asks for Sweets' advice (which he then regrets) before telling Hannah himself. Which Hannah finds awkward and so starts avoiding Brennan.

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