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"The Bone that Blew" is episode eleven of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, bits of bone are found over a wide area.


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Skull in a Tree

This episode opens with a couple of men in a forest at night looking for a rare tree on government property. In one of the other trees is part of a skull.

Max is Working for the Jeffersonian

At the Jeffersonian, Brennan has just discovered that Cam has just hired her father Max - the first time he's been seen since he got off the murder charge in "The Verdict in the Story", thanks to Brennan muddying the water - and she is not best pleased. There's a probationary period and Brennan wants her father firing at the end of it. Her father worked as a science teacher and was very good at it. He's still good at teaching children, showing them around the museum. Booth is also surprised to find Max at the Jeffersonian. Brennan says having her father working at the Jeffersonian is a conflict of interest, as they solve crimes and he is a criminal. Sweets tells her that's not the real reason.


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The Bones are Burned and Scattered Over a Wide Area

At the scene, Brennan's people are looking for more bones - they've been scattered over a wide area, and are charred. The official on the scene wants them out of there, as they are on a Masked Booby (a species of seabird) migration path. Unfortunately for her, the deceased was murdered, according to Brennan, so the migration path has become a crime scene. They are still missing a lot of bones. They do get a hit on the bone marrow from one of the bones - the dead man was with Marine Force Recon. He had been honourably discharged three years ago and largely disappeared. He did have a bad back, which would need medication. The bones were also blown into the trees.

What Burned the Bones?

The bones have been burned, hotter than a wood fire but cooler than a crematorium, Wendell Bray is back again to help, and Cam manages to get him to suggest an experiment to determine what the fire was. Experiments were what Hodgins did with Zack, and the former doesn't want to do them with anyone else.

The Marine was a Nanny

The former Marine's home is tracked down, and he paid cash and wouldn't discuss with his landlord what he did for a living. He also worked odd hours and went to a lot of countries. And had a lot of cash on hand. He also had a high tech keycard. Which leads to a Washington, D.C. school, a very secure school where the children of diplomats and others like that are taught. It seems he worked as a nanny. Which doesn't seem likely. He was also a bodyguard for the high risk children of a defence contractor.


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Plenty of Suspects

The immediate suspicion would be that the 'nanny' was killed due to his job. But there are other suspects. He was having an affair with a married woman and knew that his employer's company was having problems, prior to these problems becoming public knowledge, and let someone know. They are still missing most of the body. Finding a motive, and someone able to kill a Force Recon Marine, proves a bit tricky. The result is a bit of a shocker to most involved.

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