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"The Bones that Weren't" is episode five of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, part of a skeleton is discovered on a construction site.


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The Skull in the Concrete

A skateboarder sneaks onto a construction site and is having a fine old time when his board lands on a bit of concrete, which breaks, throwing him off. The reason the concrete broke is because there's a human skull just below the surface.


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The Rest of the Skeleton is Missing

When Booth gets the call, Brennan and Sweets are discussing his relationship with Hannah (who wants to investigate corrupt cops - not the job she's signed up for) and, as a result, is rather glad to have the conversation interrupted. At the site, Brennan discovers that the only part of the skeleton is the front of the skull. The concrete slab is shipped back to the Jeffersonian and Mr. Vaziri - who has returned - and Hodgins are able to see that there used to be an entire skeleton in the concrete, but the rest of it has gone. Determining cause of death with just part of a skull is going to be tricky. So Angela uses some new technology to map out and replicate the entire skeleton artificially.

Brennan Displays Her Usual Tact

The part of the skeleton they did have has a tooth tattoo and the artificial skeleton suggests that the man was a ballet dancer. Which makes him easy to track down. At the studio where the deceased was a former student, the teacher hopes that they have come to give her news that the individual is dead. Which is the case, and doesn't exactly make her look innocent (although she seems too obvious). It seems the dead man, Robert, had broken her ankle, setting her career back three years. According to Brennan, the injury is actually a career-ender, and the woman's father owns a construction business. When Brennan points out that it probably wasn't Robert's fault that he dropped the ballerina, breaking her ankle, because she's actually overweight for a ballerina, this does not go down well.


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Bone-Eating Fungus

It seems that Robert had left ballet for hip-hop dancing. Hodgins also discovers that the bone dust showed signs of a bone-eating fungus, which was probably transferred by the murder weapon. The fungus is rare, so tracking down outbreaks easily enough, which leads to a park visited by street performers of different types.

An Argument With Another Dancer

One of the performers - with some difficulty - suggests that Robert was a thief, working as part of a team and that he stole from his partner. Robert also seemed to have been impaled on rebar at the construction site, but these do not appear to be cause of death. Performers had also been known to argue over prime spots, and Robert had ad an argument with another dancer.

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