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"The Crank in the Shaft" is episode six of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a body is found smeared across the walls of a lift shaft.


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Not Your Usual Lift Problem

This episode opens with people getting into a lift. The lift stops to let people off and on, then everyone inside detects a smell. The lift then suddenly starts acting up, before stopping with a jerk, which jars open the roof hatch and part of a, badly damaged, leg wearing a high heeled shoe falls onto the floor.

A Right Old Mess

The rest of the victim has been smeared on the side of the lift shaft across multiple floors. What's left of the remains is a broken mess - the number of bone fragments is many times the total number of bones in a body. This did not kill her - fortunately enough. She was dead when she was dumped in the shaft.


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The Victim Was Not Ms. Popular

The woman was the office manager and, although everyone acted shocked by her death, it seems she was rather less popular than it initially seemed. Really unpopular with many people in fact. Which opens up a whole lot of suspects. The initial suspects are far too obvious - someone with a tendency to smoke joints and a man who lost his job due to her. They aren't the only suspects either; she seemed to know everything about everyone, and use that information against them. It doesn't help that cause of death is proving tricky to pin down either. Apart from being dead and smeared across a lift shaft, the victim doesn't seem to have anything wrong with her.


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For Want of a Chair

Booth is trying to get a chair that belonged to a recently deceased fellow FBI agent and is asking for doctor's notes from Cam and Brennan to prove that he needs it (it is supposedly a really good chair - the dead agent was always boasting about it). This also leads to discussions about The Man - Brennan doesn't know who he is - offices, productive work environments and drones. Things are a bit tense between Hodgins and Angela, thanks to their split, so Angela asks Brennan for advice. This goes as well as can be expected. So she then speaks to Sweets instead. Brennan has also got another new intern, Fisher, and this one is seriously depressed.

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