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"The Critic in the Cabernet" is episode twenty-five of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a wine critic's body is found dead in a cask of wine/


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Not a Good Wine Tasting

This episode opens at a winery where a group of people are trying different wines along with the owner. They try what is supposed to be an excellent wine, but something is definitely wrong with it. In one of the glasses is what appears to be a human finger.

A Missing Wine Critic - Now Found

It is definitely a finger, and the wine in the cask is no longer wine but vinegar and dissolved person. With squishy bones. The dead person is quickly identified as being a wine critic who has been missing for around a year - the cask had been laid down in 1997 but opened more recently. As pointed out, the tox screen is definitely going to contain evidence of alcohol, and a wine critic who could destroy entire wineries with a bad review is definitely going to have a few enemies. The critic had given an incredibly good rating to the cabernet at the winery he was found in, which would perhaps rule them out - especially as dead bodies in wine generally don't improve sales. Although the dead critic was apparently sleeping with the vineyard owner's wife - and she has a baby. Which is a motive. The critic was married as well, with a pregnant wife. Which is another motive. Perhaps too obvious though.


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An Experiment with Watermelons

Hodgins and Fisher do an experiment involving watermelons trying to determine the cause of death. It gets messy.


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Brennan Decides She Wants a Baby

During a word association game she and Booth are playing under Sweets' instruction, Brennan suddenly announces that she wants to have a baby. By herself. She wants a donor as well, and asks Booth - straight out. Brennan also announces this - in passing - at work, which causes most of her friends to question just what she is doing. As well as many discussions between Brennan and Booth. Then Booth starts having a conversation about the matter with Stewie from Family Guy. Which is weird. Brennan is convinced that she's acting rationally and logically. Sweets is not convinced. When Brennan finds out that Booth is seeing Stewie - not the first time he's seen something that isn't there, as he saw things in "Fire in the Ice" and "Hero in the Hold" - she gets really worried.

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