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"The Double Death of the Dearly Departed" is episode twenty-two of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, Brennan discovers that the man whose wake they are attending did not die of natural causes.

Heading to a Wake

Booth, Brennan, Cam and Hodgins are heading to the wake of someone who worked at the Jeffersonian. The other three all had a good relationship with the deceased - Brennan doesn't even remember him. She's also talking like he's a murder victim, and fails to see the point in a day long wake. This is not her area of expertise.


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Not a Death of Natural Causes

The deceased, who died of congenital heart failure, is in an open casket. When Brennan goes to pay her respects to the body, at Booth's urging, she starts examining it. She then tells Booth that the dead man was actually murdered. Despite questioning on Booth's part, Brennan keeps insisting on this.


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The Evidence Will Be Cremated

Booth is unable to get a judge to sign off on examining the body, which is going to be cremated later - destroying all the evidence if Brennan is correct. Brennan then shows Cam a picture of the deceased's chest, which shows bruising that wasn't in the medical examiner's report. Suggesting that he suffered the bruise after he was dead. Which, despite what the representative of the funeral home says, Brennan doesn't believe is the case.

Steal the Body

Without permission to properly examine the body, and with it going to be cremated, there is only one option. Steal it. So Brennan and Cam take it back to the Jeffersonian whilst Booth remains behind to ensure that nobody checks the, now empty, casket. Hodgins saw them moving the body during his toast, which then spiralled a bit out of control, calling Angela to ask him what's going on (her car is also the one used to transport the body). Booth told Hodgins what they did and now he has told Angela too.


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It Was a Murder

Cam quickly finds proof that the dead man, Hank, was murdered. With embalming tools. Which suggests that the paramedics and medical examiner may have made a bit of a mistake to send him to the funeral parlour. His heart attack didn't kill him. The undertaker said he started preparing the body when it moved. Having seen too many zombie films, he overreacted a bit. So, why did Hank get declared dead in the first place when he wasn't? It looks like someone, other than the undertaker, tried to kill Hank first.

Humour, of the Black Farcical Kind

There are some strong farcical elements in this episode.

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