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"The Passenger in the Oven" is episode ten of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, Brennan and Booth are flying to Shanghai when an extra-crispy body is found on their plane.


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Flying to Shanghai

This episode opens on a plane at night. Brennan is travelling in first class and is stretched out comfortably asleep. Booth, however, is not - he's neither asleep nor in first class. The plane itself is on its way to Shanghai - a thirteen hour plus trip; the Chinese government wants Brennan's help identifying some old remains - and Booth pops forward to see Brennan. Who conveniently has an empty seat beside her. Brennan had purchased her own ticket, rather than taking the seat that was paid for courtesy of the U.S. Government, like Booth. It's useful to be rich. The stewardess does not find Booth's reason for being in first class convincing, and sends him back to coach.

Calling it a Day at the Jeffersonian

Back at the Jeffersonian, everyone is finishing early, thanks to Cam. Sweets invites everyone to come sing karaoke with him and Daisy (he revealed that she was his girlfriend in "The Skull in the Sculpture" - the second time she was sacked). Everyone has other plans - perhaps because everyone but Sweets finds Daisy to be incredibly annoying - although Cam does have to make her plans up spur of the moment.


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A Body in the Oven

On the plane, Booth leaves his seat again to go and speak to Brennan again - the stewardess has gone downstairs. They are then disturbed by said stewardess screaming. In the oven in the plane's kitchen is a body that is rather the worse for wear. How convenient that they have experts on this type of thing on board. The flight has passed the point of no return, and there are no convenient refuelling stops, so it's going to go to Shanghai. It's currently U.S. soil, but when it lands it becomes a Chinese matter. So Booth wants to solve the case before the planes arrives at its destination.


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Cooked Alive in a Microwave

The deceased, a female travel writer who had just finished an article on pilots with DUIs - an immediate generator of suspects, but perhaps too obvious - had been struck on the head. This wasn't what killed her though; it was being cooked alive in a microwave for several hours that did that. The murderer is definitely on the plane, but Brennan doesn't have any of her normal equipment, so is forced to improvise. Naturally, everyone at the Jeffersonian is called back in to help. When the plane lands, the murderer is probably going to disappear, and the plane is definitely going to land - it can only be slowed down so much.

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