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"The Predator in the Pool" is episode eighteen of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a human leg in a tiger shark leads to an aquarium.


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The Human Leg in the Tiger Shark

A dead tiger shark washed up on a beach, with a human leg inside it. No other body parts though. No shark attack has been reported on the East Coast. Booth is flirting with Dr. Catherine Bryar, who brought in the shark, and Booth's boss, Deputy Director Hacker, is also present - flirting with Brennan.

An Aquarium Shark?

The leg bones are from a short male, but the bones don't just show evidence of being bitten by a tiger shark; there are also tooth marks from a red snapper and a hammerhead shark. Hammerheads are tropical sharks, and aren't found with tigers. Hacker suggests an aquarium as the most likely place where all three could coexist.

Released Back into the Wild

The Aquarium of the Atlantic, where Bryar works, had released a tiger shark back into the wild over the weekend, having been brought in to be cared for. Brennan asks whether they had anyone eaten over the weekend. Not the sort of question that is generally going to get a positive answer. The tiger shark had been placed in a tank with other fish once he had recovered from nearly having his fin severed.


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The Skull in the Tank

The woman at the aquarium says that there have been no people missing, no-one missing a leg and that they would have noticed if there had been someone eaten in the tank. At which point one of the, bigger, fish (a grouper) opens its mouth and a human skull floats out. Looks like they didn't notice someone being eaten.

Recovering the Skeleton

In order to recover the body parts, Hodgins and Brennan need to go into the really, really big fish tank. Booth suggests that only Hodgins goes in, but Brennan wants to as well. Hodgins points out - as Booth did earlier - that sharks don't really like to eat people. Booth points out that they have a leg that was in a tiger shark. The rest of the skeleton is recovered and taken back to the Jeffersonian. The victim was alive when the shark ate him, but had been stabbed in the face before that. So, a murder.


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An Average Self-Help Guru

The dead man, Jazz Gunn, is self-help guru, one that Sweets says is extremely average. His Sea of Life seminars are based around the healing powers of the sea, and he claimed that he recovered the ability to walk after swimming with sharks. His former assistant is the first suspect - only he's no longer a former assistant, but was rehired for a percentage of profits. Jazz had apparently wanted to swim in the tank where he was found, but it looks like he didn't go in willingly.

The Russian Mob?

There was a sleepover of a class of kids overnight at the aquarium, and they took lots and lots of pictures. Which are now evidence. The trail leads to a Russian mobster with a nasty reputation, but he seems a little too obvious. The murder weapon turns out to be very unusual.

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