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"The Priest in the Churchyard" is episode seventeen of season two of Bones, the forensic drama television series based on the loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

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Dead Body at the Cemetery - But Not One Supposed to be There

This episode opens with Brennan and Zack at a cemetery of a historic church. The water main burst in the night and the coffins popped out of the ground - they are there to help put them back in the right places. The younger priest is willing to help but the older one is a bit more crotchety. This isn't helped by Brennan's attitude towards religion. When they find a skull that has been buried in the past three years - in a cemetery that hasn't been accepting new guests for decades - Booth gets called in as well.


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Booth Suggests He and Brennan See His Therapist Together

Booth, being rather more religious than Brennan, also starts having friction with her. He says it's because she's upset over Sully sailing off in the previous episode, "The Boneless Bride in the River" (Sully did invite Brennan to come with him). So Booth suggests that he and Brennan go and see his therapist in order to fix their relationship. Booth's attitude towards Gordon the therapist has certainly changed since "The Girl in the Gator". Given that Brennan's attitude towards psychology is similar to her one regarding religion, she isn't keen on this. Gordon actually agrees with her. Angela thinks it's a couples' thing; Booth says it's a work thing. Quite a bit of humour from this through the episode. Especially when Brennan identifies a quote for Gordon (who is British) as being from Shakespeare.


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The Dead Man - The Former Priest?

It turns out that the water main burst because someone hit it with a shovel. So, why was someone digging in the cemetery in the middle of the night? One of the parishioners recognises the sketch of the victim - as the younger priest's predecessor at the church. So it's surprising that the older priest said he didn't. Is he merely crotchety or is he hiding something? The potentially dead priest was apparently a bit odd and eventually disappeared, saying that he was leaving the priesthood. But he may also have surprised a grave robber. Some of the dead were photographed before burial, and they had some serious valuables that are now missing. Those who have been exposed to the corpses have been exposed to a rare fungal infection - which would include the grave robber. Who says that he didn't kill the priest - and makes an inference regarding the man. The older priest certainly didn't like the dead man, and he said he was his confessor. The altar boy the inference is made about disagrees with this quite strongly - and the older priest had apparently believed it was true as well. Said priest is a little intolerant, but is he responsible for the murder?


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Personal Matters Again

Hodgins wants Angela to move in with him. She's not quite up for that. She also isn't sure why.

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