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"The Wanna-Be in the Weeds" is episode fourteen of season three of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. This episode covers a singer, and personal trainer, who was murdered.


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Open Mic Night

This episode opens in a bar and a man is just finishing his set on open mic night. The compere introduces the next act. There are then clips of several acts, some of whom are a lot better than others. One is a man who was previously seen in the audience - he's one of the better ones. There's another man in the audience making notes and one of the women likes the performance but another singer, the next on, doesn't. Nor does the man she is with. The man making notes seems impressed and the woman comes over to speak to the man who has just finished.

A Dead, and Rather Mangled, Singer

The next we see of what is presumably the singer - the arm is wearing the same watch - he's clearly been dead a while and is more than a bit of a mess. That is probably at least partially due to the fact that the body was run over by a, very large, grass cutter - the grass was more than 8 feet high. Booth is having problems with pollen from the cut grass. The head is missing from the body - it's been severed by the cutter. The body is that of the singer - Tommy Sour. He had been reported missing two weeks ago.


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The Singer's Stalker

The man who reported Tommy missing is his neighbour. Since he went missing, an alarm has been going off every two minutes. Tommy was also a personal trainer and apparently one of his clients had been getting a little obsessed with him, but it seems that he wasn't interested. The woman, Pam, shows quite a few signs of being a stalker. And starts having a go at Brennan, who is thinner than her. Pam was also convinced that Tommy wanted to marry her. Her obsession would certainly make Pam a viable suspect. She was in Florida at the time of the murder - planning her wedding to Tommy.


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The Venue

Brennan and Booth visit the place where the open mic night is held. Brennan is more impressed with the performers than Booth is. Tommy had apparently got into a bit of an altercation with the singer who came after him following the latter's act. Tommy had apparently taken the other singer's song, and he had been saving it for the talent night - the guy making notes. Only said talent scout was actually doodling in his notebook - it was a bit of a scam to get better singers to come in.

Booth Acquires the Stalker

Unfortunately for Booth, Tommy's obsessive fan, Pam, has now transferred her obsession - to him. She's definitely more than a little troubling, but did she kill Tommy for rejecting her? Or was it the man from earlier, or the other singer? These seem a little obvious though.

Sweets is Not Getting Much Respect

Dr. Sweets is working with Booth and Brennan. Brennan is still not impressed with his skills and Booth is still making fun of him.


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A Cliff-Hanger Ending

There's a cliff-hanger ending leading into the season finale, "The Pain in the Heart".

Bones Season 3 Trailer

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