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"The Witch in the Wardrobe" is episode twenty of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of a reputed witch is found in a burned-down cabin.


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A Skeleton in a Wardrobe

A cabin has burned down in the woods and the firemen are on scene. One breaks open a wardrobe to check it out for hotspots. Inside is a skeleton in a wedding dress, seemingly standing upright.

A Long-Dead Skeleton

The body in the wardrobe is that of an elderly woman and the body was dead before the fire. The bones of the skeleton have been rearticulated, which is why they appear to be standing upright. Brennan is not impressed with the skill with which this was done.


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A Body with Red Shoes

According to Hodgins and Angela, there's a circular path around the house that perhaps acted as a firebreak, and there are crows hanging around. According to Brennan, crows are carrion birds and hang around fresh kills. There's another body in the cabin, wearing red shoes. Angela tells Hodgins not to say it - there being an obvious body that has red shoes - but he does anyway. 'We are not in Kansas anymore.' Then the toes of the body curl up.

One Murdered Witch, One Tortured Witch

The newer body is sealed in plastic wrap, which is sparkling due to fluorescent bulbs exploding over it. This body, also female, was also dead prior to the fire, but it would appear to have been murder. The articulated body appears to have been the victim of grave robbery. And the victim of torture, pressing, used in the 17th century during the Salem witch trials. The long dead body was a Salem witch, so Sweets wants to get involved, having done a paper on the trials.


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A Scary Woman

According to the brother of the dead woman, they had an offer to purchase the house from a developer, and that was the key to the whole development. The developer abandoned the entire idea - not because he couldn't get the house, but because the woman who lived there cursed him and made his hair fall out. So he wanted nothing to do with her any longer.

Hodgins and Angela Spend Some Quality Time in the County Jail

On the way back from the crime scene, Hodgins and Angela fall afoul of the extremely by the book local sheriff. He takes them into custody, and discovers that they both have outstanding bench warrants. So he keeps them locked up until a judge grants bail. Which could be some time. And they have the evidence from the crime scene. They end up having to consult on the case from jail. Their incarceration has an unexpected result.

Black Magic Woman

Brennan and Booth meet a local wiccan coven, who didn't like the dead witch, because she practiced black magic for profit.

Bones - The Witch in the Wardrobe

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