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"The Yanks in the UK: Part 2" is episode two of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. This is sometimes shown as a feature length episode with the previous one, "The Yanks in the UK: Part 1". Brennan and Booth are still in the UK.


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Personal Matters at the Jeffersonian

Booth and Brennan are still in the UK and Clark (who may be Zack's replacement and who first appeared in "The Widow's Son in the Windshield") is cataloguing bones at Brennan's request. Everyone else is going to celebrate Angela's husband Grayson signing the divorce papers, which means that Angela and Hodgins can finally get married. Cam offers to take Grayson to the airport (there is a diversion when his flight is cancelled). Finally Hodgins and Angela can plan their wedding. Again. Cam's interaction with Grayson makes her feel a little guilty and asks Sweets what to do. Awkwardness again.

Brennan and Booth are Leaving the UK

Booth and Brennan are loading the taxi to leave, and Brennan has been given a lot of presents by the university students. Booth has a bobblehead bobbie from Scotland Yard. He has also decided he likes the idea of titles, as he would like to be knighted for what he has done for his country (he finds some other things he likes about the UK). Booth had been saying that it was impolite of Dr Wexler not to call Brennan as they were leaving when he gets a call. There's a good reason for the lack of response - Wexler might be dead.

Dr Wexler Seems to be Dead - Murdered

Wexler's flat was on fire and Inspector Pritchard wants Brennan to look at some remains in it. There is a body in the room and apparently there was a gas explosion caused by the stove. However, the body had a cigarette and Wexler didn't smoke, and the stove appears to have been turned on but never lit. Which looks more than a little suspicious. The body also shows signs of violence prior to the fire. Murder, not an accident. Pritchard is a bit distressed.


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Wexler Had Come into Some Money

Just prior to Wexler's death he had come into quite a bit of money. He had also been dragged out of a gentleman's club by some friends, but they said that was simply to ensure he was sober for a boat race. This, and an altercation, did not seem to have anything to do with Wexler's death. Even though his womanising did get him in trouble. And it seems that Pritchard slept with Wexler as well.


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Was Wexler Bribed?

There is a connection to the previous episode; Wexler had been working to prove that a site could not be developed, due to historical value, by the American billionaire whose dead daughter was found in that episode. Releasing the site would be worth many millions to the billionaire. Wexler had apparently released the site just before his death, which looks suspicious, but probably is too suspicious for it to be true. Instead, this could be where the money came from. If Wexler was bribed, that would open up a whole new batch of suspects. Although things are not quite as they seem.

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