Boredom leads to trouble?

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Boredom may lead to trouble.When a person gets bore he wants to do different things which sometimes lead to bad choices.Problems occurs for those who don not know anything to deal with boredom in a safe practical way.Some teens hang out with friends and do silly things that are not good for them in any case.






Sometimes a person gets mad by staying all the time at home and getting bored.A lot of people when get bored,eat and eat which cause many health issues and as a result of this they gain weight.We destroy all the things we hold when there is nothing special around.





Most of the people commit crimes which is really very much trouble creating thing.Boys commit street crimes just to have a little moment of joy.People are making dumb choices in every field related to their lives.It could be very dangerous in some circumstances.Boredom can take the youngsters to drinking,drugs and violence.





We should adopt positive way to bring pleasure and happiness in our lives.One has to make wise decisions so that boredom will not make us lead towards the bad choices.






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