Brain Power, source of Energy and Sustainability - The EdyEdy presentation at the Syneidesis Group Retreat

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Today, I had the pleasure to attend a great conference retreat event at the prestigious Metropolitan Club, organized by Mr William Doll, Founder of The Syneidesis Group. I was there in support of Roya Mahboob and her Educational and Vocational Software “EdyEdy.” She was presenting her project to a series of investors with a strong background in Energy and Oil. You might ask yourself, "What Energy has to do with Education and Vocational Training?"



My belief is that Brain Power is a great Renewable Energy and investment to implement and empower technological and environmental progress, especially for companies and organizations who operate in Emerging Markets.

The morning opened with Theodore Roosevelt 4th,Chairman at Barclays Cleantech and great grandson of Ted Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States. Chairman Roosevelt brought up some very interesting points that are summarized below along with my consideration to what Roya Mahboob is doing with EdyEdy:


Theodore Roosevelt 4th,Chairman at Barclays Cleantech


Roosevelt: When companies like Barkley get involved with a project, their goal is to take the company to profitability. The problem is that this can take several years and at times, investors can't wait that long.

Me: EdyEdy cultivates Brain Power. The ROI can be seen in the first year of its implementation. In essence, even before graduation from a school or program, Digital and Vocational Literacy allows the students to develop considerable skills and become productive. This Brain Power, combined with Skills, allows an acceleration of progress including Energy Saving and Safer Environmental Impact implementation.


Roosevelt mentioned the need tode-carbonize energy in the USA.

I fully agree with him and would add that this is also very important for emerging markets. This is why increased Brain Power through Education and Vocational Training is essential to achieve this goal regionally and optimize the results for a global progress. Education is the key to both R&D and implementation.


Roosevelt mentioned the importance of Learning By Doing, and how this process brings More Innovation.

Me: This is the core of EdyEdy's mission and as mentioned above, such results can be tangible in a very short time frame. Education and Vocational Training are a natural fit, especially in emerging markets and in labor and risk intensive industries like oil and energy.


Roosevelt mentioned the need of hyper-local Energy Production Infrastructures, and the possibility to going back to the Edison model with localized energy generators instead of relaying on broad grid systems that can leave millions of people without power in case of natural disasters.

Me: Hyper-localization is at the core of Educational and Vocational Programs like EdyEdy. They are fundamentals to the implementation of Energy Optimization and Technological Development. The incredible Brain Power available in New York City allowed a city with 12 million people to cope with Hurricane Sandy two years ago. This power was well implemented by both the citizens and the experts on the ground.


Roya Mahboob spoke shortly after describing the incredible potential of EdyEdy and closed the series of 5 Investment presentations. Roya did a marvelous job and opened the eyes of the audience about the power of Education and Vocational Training.


Roya Mahboob, founder of EdyEdy


Ms. Paula Luff of Hess and Mr Tom LaForge of Coca Cola followed with a conversation on “The Economic Case for Sustainability.” It was clear to me that they need a direct involvement in the World of Educational and Vocational Training to implement their Social Responsibility Projects as well as create a force that will lead their companies to further progress and success.


Very inspirational.

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