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Energy and Us

Jack Williams

Courtesy of the video: Power Thoughts Meditation Club The video above is perfect for meditation as energy boosting. In everything……

by jack-williams

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Saba Doll


by saba-doll

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Stream Energy


Stream Energy Stream Energy is an electricity and natural gas firm active in states that have deregulated energy markets. Stream Power……

by earnertariq

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Muhammad Awais

Introduction The sudden vibration of the earth,s surface by rapid release of energy called earthquakethis energy is released when……

by awasir

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Energy Mass Relation

Numan Ahmad

Einstien the great scientist of all time Clearly and abudantly showed by his tactics and experience that energy and mass are interconvertible.……

by numan-ahmad

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Method for sleep


If you're one of those people who has trouble sleeping you will be glad to know that there is a fast and simple method to achieve……

by rooperi

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Universal Laws


When we have a life of full harmony we will have the strongest vibration possible thus reaching God level. We are made up of trillions……

by PokeSmot

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Cobra Energy Drinks

Jose Godofredo Tuliao

This is one of the energy drinks that power up my night and most of my physical activities. I want to thank the manufacturers of the……

by metal-joe

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Now when I walk in the streetMy feet have no energyI can’t raise my head as an Afghan womanI am afraid Like a weak personA toy……

by Afwebco

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Leisure -2

Sanjida Santa

Importance of leisure beggars description. leisure provides us with the much needed physical and mental relief from tiredness and……

by sanjida-santa

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Jacque Fresco

Cody Stewart

Jacque Fresco is an american futurist and a huge supporter of what is known as a resource based economy. Born in 1916, Fresco now……

by JoHookah

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The Printer

Azan Ahmed

The Printer A printer is an output device used to print text and images over a piece of paper. A printer's output is usually called……

by azan-ahmed

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hey jealousy

Eriana Sapphire

Jealousy. The green eyes monster. Why are its eyes green? Green is the color of life, of money. If you visualize green, and surround……

by eriana-sapphire

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conflict in life

Madhvi Saxena

Humans are going to have conflict. It is t something we need to avoid; however, we do need to learn how to speak our truth with words……

by madhvi-saxena

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Body And soul

Madhvi Saxena

Stay grounded; stay in your body. If you do not, your body will get your attention by losing balance, stubbing your toe, getting sick……

by madhvi-saxena

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Photo Cell

Sana tahir

A Photo cell is a device which converts light energy into electrical energy. Working: The working of photocell depends upon the photo……

by Sana-Tahir

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Atomic energy


Atomic energy With the beginning of twentieth century the new concept about mass and energy was given by Albert Einstein , he gave……

by Kiran-Rehman

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Sports & Games


Sports play an important role for the build up of a character because sports and games are very important for the student's life,……

by SadaqatMughal

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PIEAS PIEAS is an institute in Pakistan for Engineering  and research in Applied Sciences. This prestigious institution is located……

by SalmaAnnex

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Generation Of Electricity


Generation Of Electrical Energy  The nature have many given source of energy. In earlier days people are able to use sun light and fire as our own purpose. As the days passes human ……

by yasir7610

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HAARP is the acronym for HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM. This program was started by the US GOVERNMENT as a response……

by SalmaAnnex

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LIfe as we know it

Hikmat zia

A friend has said very well,  'Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe its about unbecoming everything……

by Hikmatzia

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“OIL POLITICS” is a widely know terminology among the developed and developing countries. It became very siginificant……

by SalmaAnnex

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The very high energy rays which are produced by colliding fast moving electrons with heavy metal anode in the discharge tube are called……

by mustaqeem

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young generation:


Young hood is the best season of energy and capability. It is the best period of our life, the period when we are strong and energetic,……

by parnian175

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Sheko Filmannex

In this blog i will explain the general Definition of the Earthquakes and whats the places which is happened the Earthquakes in there……

by sheko-filmannex

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noorzia osmany

Food is a gift from Allah. We eat food to get energy We use this energy to do good work.We must eat food Properly and eat on time……

by noorzia

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hesham adel

 : تطلق كلمة "طاقة" على كل ما يندرج ضمن مصادر الطاقة ، إنتاج الطاقة ، و……

by hesham-adel

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Aziz tokhi

Choosing the right food diet under medical supervision is a good way to lose weight. But you should know that for more health and……

by Aziztokhi

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Chinese wisdom


Hello, guys. Sorry for not being able to write anything for a while. Today I found myself sitting in one of the local cafes close……

by IvanK

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faridoon barekzai

Close you eye's and listen carefully. How many sounds can you hear? Some might be loud; other might be quiet; other might noisy; other……

by faridoonbarekzai

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Paul Virtue

When we are children we all dream of what we'll become when we grow up. But some of us from very early on know that we are destined……

by PaulVirtue

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