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The next exercise after the biceps is that of triceps. And the triceps exercise is a little bit difficult or heavy than that of biceps. Biceps exercise is a good exercise for the proper shape of your arms. As we know that the size matters a lot in case of body building so here are the few tips that how to try out the triceps work out at gym.

So let’s move towards our main exercise of today which is of triceps very next day to the biceps.

As I have told before that you have to do proper warmup before doing any exercise so that your body should be prepared for the next upcoming heavy exercise. But we should not use much heavy weight, we should use that weight which we can carry very easily.

First of all use the machine to pull up and tighten your triceps muscles so that the game should be just fun. Any how after doing with the machine just do the wraps, and this is the main thing.

Just after that use the tied rope and pull it downward in such a way that all of the load should be on your triceps and you feel them being stretched. Your arms and your biceps should be at 90 degree to each other like from your elbow bend there should be 90 degree bend. Do three wraps and one wrap is equal to 10 times repetition.

After that turn around your back towards the machine and bend down, and just pull the rod with the rope and all the weight should be on your triceps. Pull in such a way that your elbows are right above your head or near your ears. Now open up your arms slowly with some stretch on your triceps and then close it very slowly. Remember to open up your arms fully so that you may have proper game. Do three wraps and do remember that one wrap is 10 times repetition.

After that just come to the long bended rod from different angles so that your angle should be good while doing the exercise and that would not affect your body shape and size too.

Just lay down on the straight bench and hold that angles bend rod straight over your head and just bend down your arms through elbows and move the rod up and down to your head so that there should be proper game with proper angle and with the proper help.

Also do the three wraps and as already told that one wrap is 10 times repetition.

After doing with the rod just take some rest of few minutes and quickly come towards the dumb bells and from here our main game is started. Rush towards dumb bells which suits you means that you can easily lift that up. First use only one hand bend that hand and then just put first a little stretch on your triceps and after than a little much and much more stretch on muscles. First using only one arm and then gently opening and closing your arms in such a way that you can feel some strength on your triceps which are the back sides of your arm. Also do three wraps and as already told that one wrap is equal to 10 times repetition.

Then here we go with the next step which is the also based on the dumb bell exercise and this is not it this exercise is the back bone of this whole game. Carefully hold the dumb bells in your both hands and just do exactly the same as I have told before. On 90 degree angle just bend it and open it right from your elbow, this is the game on which the triceps exercise is based upon. Basically this exercise is much good for our arm shape and size, you know that without the shape and size of your arm there is no worth and no benefit of this game because you know when you keep on making your biceps you will never ever got the proper shape and the proper size of the arm and this is the prophecy you can say like. Joke apart many people just concentrate on just doing biceps game while they don’t even know that what they are losing. Any how the main reason behind the mighty body is that of the proper angle, proper weight, proper diet, proper game, proper rest and proper timing. These are the main things on which a game is based very much and this is not it, the next day we have the next game and all the days are properly scheduled according to the day.

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