The nba season starting!

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The nba season is starting very soon, and it seems like every one is hype and can't wait for the first game. A lot of the teams changed over the break, and some are expected to get successful this season. In my opinion, the Brooklyn nets (my team) are going to make a major impact this season. With the new additions to the team: Paul peirce, Kevin garnett, Jason terry, and Andrei Kirilenko, and other new rookies, it seems like this team will be unstoppable. To make it even better, we have a new coach(former champion) Jason Kidd. Another team that I'm sure will make an impact this season is the Miami heat. With new additions like Michael Beasley, and the return of Greg oden.

The nba season will be one of the most exciting yet! Be sure to watch most of the games!

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