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 Strength of mind and body breeds confidence and confidence, as we know, is the key to success. But many of us are unsure as to how to build our physical strength. We know we should be going to the gym or maintaining some sort of fitness routine; however, there's a better way to build physical strength without wasting time and effort.

 So where do we start? First and foremost, you have to move. Get into the habit of a fitness routine, running, going to the gym, swimming, whichever you choose is great for building confidence.

Now when it comes the gym and building strength, I have a few tips to follow that will maximize your results so that you don't get discouraged. A great pointer that I found on AskMen stated to minimize the amount of reps we do in order to maximize strength without getting too bulky.

 What needs to go hand-in-hand with minimizing reps is, limiting the amount of calories in our daily intake. By limiting the amount of calories we take in, our bodies are forced to use what they have to build muscle tissue, as opposed to transforming excess calories into muscle tissue, thereby adding bulk.

No I don't mean you should starve yourself but do not have extra calories into your diet but not necessary. Simply eat a healthy amount on a daily basis in order to sustain yourself. That being said, watch your cardio and weightlifting volume.

 When it comes to cardio, make sure to pay careful attention to the intensity and time, as too much cardio inhibits strength training.  The ideal amount of time would be roughly an hour and a half of cardio a week at a moderate pace, meaning do not overdo it.

Also when it comes to weight volume periodically increase the amount of weights when you feel comfortable but make sure to give your body enough recovery time so once again, don't overdo it.

 The most important part of it all is to never stop. Once you start you'll realize you will feel more confident strong, and capable of doing anything, Since you will have more energy and you'll feel more vibrant. Last but not least go out there and, as the great Phil Knight said, just do it


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