Different Requirements Of Energy

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Different Requirements Of Energy
Our body requires energy to perform our daily life activities.Amount of Energy depends upon the age of the person.So we discussed it according to the age of the person.
Requirements in Babies
The baby requires less amount of diet as they spend most of their times in sleeping.It slowly increases with increase in the age of the babies.

Requirements of Young People
The young people are in the process of th growth.They must be given food having higher proportion of proteins in them.Moreever they consume alot of energy in palying and running.So they need a lot of energy.

Requirements of Old Aged People
In old ages the working capacity of the body decreases,therefore they nned less amount of energy.The consumption of milk,light food,Fruits and vegetables should be increased where as minimum amount of fats should be taken.

Energy Requirements
The energy requirement varies with sex,age,living condition and occupations.Male needs more calories than females.Pregnant and lactating mothers need more calories than other woman.The person doing laborious job needs more energy.

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