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Close you eye's and listen carefully. How many sounds can you hear? Some might be loud; other might be quiet; other might noisy; other might unable


Have you ever wondered how sounds are actually produced? the soft clicking of your fingers; the sound of drums beating all be made the some way? Surprisingly the answer is yes

Sound is also a form of energy. It is produced by vibration and travels in waves. When an object hit's the surface of water the waves out world in cycles but we can't see them

Ok guys please answer; which sounds do you like? Sounds of water; sounds of animals; sounds of human’s; sound's of music; sounds of things; and every sound that you think about it

First I talk about my beloved sound; my favorite sound is human's sound which connecting with Hossein Tohi’s voice after Tohi’s songs I like the voice of nature

Have you ever hear sounds of nature? I think it’s a prefect voice in the world and I accept that the word of the sound is the sound of nature because it’s a divine voice

Sound has different branches we can't say all branches of sound but we can mention some of them

Voice that touches the heart; a sound which make a foundation in heart of a human is called Voice that touches the heart

Annoy sound; a sound which make a messy in your brain is called annoy sound

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faridoon barekzai was burn in 1996 in herat he is graduated for high school in 2013 and he want to be an engineer his beloved sport is football and his beast player is Ronaldo

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