Load shedding problem

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Energy is a huge need for each country hyju is an important factor in the development of the country . Energy cause a major problem, which is an obstacle to national development . In some countries he has immense mineral resources are created . Using the energy crisis can be eliminated . Allah conceal natural sources in each country . Person who can meet your needs by using the mountain , river , natural gas and coal are notable . Which can be obtained very high energy .

Energy crisis in Pakistan today that the biggest problem . In each section is used as an essential element . Today is the cause of unemployment . Today, this tiny little section runs without . The government in Pakistan, which has new plans remain unfinished forever . And do not ever try to complete it . Woven in Pakistan nearly 67 years have passed . But so far the problem can not be overcome . It is only because of government apathy . Pakistan is produced mostly by water power . Besides generating electricity from oil and coal are being . Pakistan 's water shortage is a huge problem . But the biggest problem is unjustified rulers load which can not be overcome until now .


The government has helped foreign investors in our country . At least they are taxed on their investment in the country to reduce problems .


       Government policies and the country's capital deposit their money in banks abroad are able to understand . Which country is forever being on the ropes.

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