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Artificial Intelligence is considered as the most crucial innovation of the current digital era. While AI is on its continuing development, many companies are slowly adapting the system for the different services and tasks they have.

Along with the continuous progress of this innovative program, are the different products in every field. Driverless cars, Automated Chatbots, Intelligent Assistants, Banking Services, Smart Homes, Healthcare, and Other AI Applications we can have right into our mobile gadgets. Don't forget our very own, Querlo Technology with its main product, Querlo Chat, an AI-powered chatbot with the ability to interact with clients in real-time.

We might already know the different products and services powered by AI, but do we know the different companies behind those products and services? 

In this c-blog post, I will be presenting to you comprehensive and detailed information of those companies playing in the field of AI. There are different companies that we probably unaware of. Of course, we know about IBM, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, etc. 

I would like to present these companies one at a time giving emphasis in their history,  products and services and how they made it to the top of the playing field. this could give us ideas on how companies evolve and what strategies they applied for such success. 

I hope you find this c-blog helpful and can give us gainful insights that we could use in our future endeavors.

As a start, let's talk about...


Siemens has been identified as one of the top 10 companies in the world that are using AI. TechNavio and Viainsider have both included this company as one of the top ten AI companies evidenced by the article they published regarding this topic. 

Siemens is one of the world’s top artificial intelligence companies that focuses on the areas of energy, electrification, digitization, and automation. The company is also one of the largest producers of resource-saving and energy efficient technologies and a leading provider of devices and systems for medical diagnosis, power generation, and transmission. 


Learn more about Siemens from this c-blog post I prepared for you. Click HERE for a full-screen view.


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