Fit For Life - An Introduction to Fascia by way of the Anatomy Trains

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Fit For Life

There are many things in life I cannot do well, and never will. But physical fitness and health – not just for athletes, but for everyone at any age – has become a specialty of mine.

I actively invest in my own continuing education and training.   As a result, I stay aware of the latest science and research, with implications for every one of us. I’m proud of the positive difference I make in my clients’ lives as a fitness trainer. 

Film Annex became aware of my work and knowledge and asked if I would share my learnings by writing a blog here, over time. The idea of using a blog to be of value to even more people is very appealing to me. Helping people enjoy healthier bodies, minds and health feels like my “mission” on earth, so I said “yes” to the invitation.

So this first post is to introduce myself ….

By the age of five I was aware of my physical prowess. I was beating much older boys in races, and even outracing people on bikes. I’m a true mesomorph, a MOVER.

Growing up was difficult, though.  A young boy with my energy gets in trouble a lot. Thankfully, my Mom was proactive and realized I needed to play sports.

Sports was a crucial part of my maturity. It taught me dedication, discipline and desire. Frankly, it kept me safely off the streets. 

I was blessed with a physique that most people envy, and I don’t mean that in a cocky way. I’ve worked hard to remain healthy and active. I always say “Lifestyle Trumps Genes”.

Sports helped me develop leadership skills in high school. Ultimately, I was named Captain of both the wrestling and football teams.

In addition, being an athlete helped me discover my ability to “teach” – like helping other wrestlers with moves that I had picked up quickly. Later, at Hunter College, faculty members invited me to work out with them during their private time, as long as I helped them, too.  My closest friends, as well, started asking me to train them.  I was beginning to see clearly what I’m meant to do in life.

My first job was as a personal trainer at a private, high-end gym in lower Manhattan (Soho.)    This was the early 90s and new gyms were popping up everywhere. After four years as a trainer downtown, I began to manage trainers at Crunch 59th St., NYC, where I remained for nine years, thanks to many loyal clients. In 2005 I started my own training business -- Physical Preparation Inc.  My passion for health, fitness and overall well-being has never waned, so here I am -- writing this blog!

Honestly, I love being a trainer.  It gives me real satisfaction to help other people.  In fact, that’s a key reason why I will never stop learning: the more I know, the more help I can provide.

My quest to keep learning about how we can all be healthier introduced me to “fascia” – a network of tissue within each of us that connects every cell in our bodies

Only recently has it been discovered what a significant role these tissues play in our lives … enhancing our ability to stay youthful even as we age. Research on this previously overlooked -- but crucial – component of our bodies is forcing a re-think of all that we’d previously assumed … about stretching, massage and weight training.  Optimal exercise today must take into account the fascial network within each of us.

In future posts, I will share information on how you can better heal yourself from injuries, chronic degenerative diseases, and inflammation. That’s right – I’m not kidding: we’re finding that you can heal yourself naturally by taking care of your tissue.  In the meantime, though, if you’d like to learn more about fascia, here’s a great resource on Fascia and its functions:


From Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains, 2014

I like to think of myself as a Humanist. I believe that helping others is my gift and my obligation.   During my 35 years of sports training I’ve been amassing a wealth of knowledge, thanks to my desire to question and learning about how the body moves.

Stay tuned for more.  Follow my lead, and let’s be healthy together!

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