GYM Exercises part 2:

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The exercise for second day is the Wings exercise. And this exercise is very much important for the body outlook of a man. Wings are the important part of exercise and this wings game is much tuff but after every pain is there is a strength.

There is a saying that “THE PAIN YOU FEEL TODAY WILL BE THE STRENGTH YOU FEEL TOMORROW” so never lose hope at any cost. Concentrate your mind on the present situation and do only that what your heart accepts to be good for you.

Any how we come to our today’s exercise which is of wings and due to the wings the back looks very beautiful.

So let the game begin from here are the basic tips for the WINGS game:


On Tuesday our game is wings game:


  1. First of all the very first basic tip is to do warm up, and this warm up is very important otherwise there is no benefit of the game. So first of do all of the warm ups using the machines provided in the gym. The another warm up exercise is pushups, do the pushups as much as you can because they increase our stamina. And they help us very much in our warm up.

  1. After complete and good warm up the next step is the use of machine for the wings. And this step includes the rod exercise. Actually this exercise is a little bit tuff. But due to good stamina this is possible. Any how use the wired rod to have some stretch on your backside wings. First use the open rod for this exercise. Slowly stretch your arms so that you feel a pressure on your wings. Do three wraps slowly, and one wrap = 10~14 times stretches your arm up and down beside your both of the shoulders. This is the back side game.

  1. The next game is the same exercise but it is the closed rod game. Now hold the rod from the place specified and do exactly the same exercise as you have done before so that your muscles should be stretched and feel some strength pain. Similarly do the three wraps and don’t lose yourself in this game because this game is of constant wrapping and as already discussed that one wrap is = 10 ~ 15 times.

  1. Then comes the next stage of this game. In the next stage just do the same exercise openly first but in the front side of the body slowly in such a way that you feel some stretchiness in your wings on the back side. So just do exactly the same with a good angle so that none of the game is disturbed and whole of the game is according to the angle and body might not be disturbed or dis shaped.

  1. There comes the next stage of this game, on the next stage just do that exactly the same as repeated but with the closed rod, again do the 3 wraps to have a proper exercise. Pull the wired rod right up to your neck so that you have a proper exercise.

  1. The next exercise is on the another machine pulling the wire having the weight attached on the other side. Just sit down and have the power on your feet and you should not move at all, just pull the string up to your body and like between chest and your belly. So that to have a proper game and exercise. Have three exercises that means three wraps of it also.


  1. The next machine also is of the weight attached on the other side. Like a bench shape. This machine have three parts. Full open, half open and closed. First we come to the full open, just attach the weight which you can lift easily and secondly use the gloves in this exercise so that your hands don’t become hard. Do three wraps similarly of all the three games i-e open, closed, and full closed.

  1. Next machine is that using the dumbbells. Using dumbbells in such a way that you lift them with your arms, straight up to your hip. As you are bend and just pushing up the dumbbell. Do it three times with right and three times wraps with left arm with proper angle so that your angle should not be disturbed.

  1. Now at last there comes the iron rod exercise. Hang yourself with the bend iron rod and lift your self up with that rod in such a way that all of the weight comes right on your wings. This exercise is the main exercise of this game because it gives a proper shape to the wings.

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