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We are living in the world where everyone connected to social media in any matter.These are number of social media sites are working through which we are interconnected with each other.In these sites we share our pictures thoughts and etc .While using these sites those interesting posts which ones are amazing we like them.Like is actually a button in social media sites almost every ones like FB , Twiter ,Instagram and much more ,we click that button on these sites because we like some comments posts any thing which is posted over there.In bitlanders which is one  of social media which pays us to being social and here in bitlanders like is substitue with a word called BUZZ.Buzz a different word with same meaning of word we familier with LIKE.

How We Do Buzz

Its very simple to buzz others posts here in bitlanders .Its too simple and easy because its user friendly site so everyone can use it .I will show them all here in bitlanders one by one.



On Movies

In order to buzz on movies first you have to click on video it opens infront of movies Tab first watched it then click buzz button you see.

After clicking on video it is open like this

I encircle the buzz button its look like that shown in picture above.

On Blogs

After click the blog section of the user you want to buzz its open like this show in below picture.

After clicking blog opens like this shown in picture below and we can easily buzz blog contents.

On Micro-Blogs

Same action repeated once again ilke blogs ,first click micro-blog and then buzz it.



On  Gallery

On gallery it is also same buzz procedure we already disscussed above.



Types Of Buzz

There are two types of buzz here in bitlanders

1.Base Buzz

2.Buzz Bonus

How Buzz Increases 

There are two types of buzz here in bitlanders and each one increases with different ways.We discuss here how we increases these buzz seperately.

First we start with Buzz Bonus

Buzz Bonus

Buzz Bonus which is also know as Direct Power ups  .Buzz bonus appears in yellow colour and can easily be seen in Buzz trends.Buzz Bonus is temporary Bonus and changes daily.There are number of ways to increase Buzz Bonus and I tried to write down here all of them.

  • Daily Login Bonus

We receive 1 buzz for one day when we login to bitlanders and on second day 2 buzz and so on upto 7 buzz per day.


  • Shop Purchase Bonus

Buzz bonus also increases with every purchase here in bitlanders shop .For example 

  • On Buying germs

  • On Buying Avatar Accesories


  • On Buying Stickers

  • Sending Donation to Bit-Charities

  • Daily Quests Bonus

We can also receive Buzz bonus on daily quests which are available on the right side of the your bitlanders account.Its quite easy to earn buzz.We receive 3 buzz to watch five videos ,1 buzz for share video on facebook ,1 buzz for reading five blogs and 3 buzz for two days on inviting someone to bitlanders.

Base Buzz

Base buzz actually calculated from buzz we receive on our contents including videos , Blogs ,Micro-blogs , Gallery and it also receive on when our content reviewed by the Bitlanders team.Buzz receives varies according to the quality of our reviewed blog.Base buzz is blue in colour and they are not temporarily buzz.For example how many stars delivered on your blog by the management leads to improvement in buzz differently. 

When contents reviewed both buzz moves upwards, but it totally depends on stars we receive on the blogs .


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