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This is the craze for every young people especially the high school graduates or the vacation holders in undergraduate program , In this blog , I would like to tell about the call center industries and the craze of their jobs especially in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh and many more In eastern countries

All of these industries are 90% outsourcing companies which it normally called as Business Solutions, Their main works are into business development by sales and the customer services, some of the larger outsourcing businesses are on the survey of their client’s customer for the improvement of client’s products and services, mostly these call center industries require for fluent English speakers as their clients are mostly from USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

Why mostly in south Asian Countries?

Now the questions comes in our mind that most of these call centers business are located in 3rd world countries such as in South Asian countries like in India, Pakistan , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and also in east Asian Countries in Philippines and Thailand .

The reason they are located there is because of the cheap labor and effective works, it has been known that all in these states have talented and professionalism of the way of communication and handling the customers in an effective way. Moreover as Dollars are gaining strength on the currency market compared to these countries, the client has the ability to take the opportunity for reducing the costs and help increasing the business and capture the market. As for the craze of employment , these jobs doesn’t require any degree relating to the employment , most of them are high school graduates or they are undergraduate in their vacation time to earn some of the money for their own expenses to pay for their tuition fees, their leisure and their favorite gadgets besides of gaining the experience of working in a company

Limitations of these jobs

We can see that the  demand increases around the need of employment , most of the call centers are being known as scams and also the timings of the work are not according to the human needs ,

1. As the earth is round in spherical shape where everyone knows that , the timings of the client businesses and their agents are very much opposite . The Call centers are required to comply with the wishes of their client’s timings and their order in order to keep the business running, therefore, if there is a daytime in the client’s place where the working hours are on, the agent companies has to be working according to their client’s time , For example :- If the working hours of Client in USA is 9 am to 5 pm then the work timings of Agent company in Pakistan should be 10 pm to 6 am , which means that the work will be night shift and had to comply with the works according to the timings of the client, which means that the work-life balance can be affected among the employees of call centers

2. It has been also known that most non-educated business men think about making a call center by just contacting client on telephone without the security of the financial transactions and the guarantee of the payment of works , therefore, they establish small call centers which is not very well established and also without license of outsourcing. They are believed to run just for a month and then get liquidated after client fail to pay and fire their employees without paying. Therefore, it is termed illegal in most part of the countries that license is compulsory and security should be availed on the agreement of business with the client from overseas.

3. It is hardly known fact that which software will be the best for the particular industry , some call center uses softphone and find buyer or potential prospects on directory , other buy leads and the software automatically dials the number , when the listener answer the phone , the line gets connected to the agent . Some most expensive software's with number of complicated functions used by large well-established call centers



. Recommendation

If anyone needs to get the jobs in these businesses, keep in mind before asking for employment

1. Always ask the number of years the call center is running

2. See in the market that if the Call center is established or not, see if they are running illegal?

3. Make a Schedule of work-life balance, that if you are working at night, make sure you have enough sleep at daytime and no distraction on your sleep

4. This is NOT a permanent employment, do NOT take it as career as it will not suite for the common man, these jobs are mostly taken for the sake of earning for specific purpose and extra income for the house holds.

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