CALYPSO - An unconventional Project for the Summer

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Hello Everyone,

I've been away a while to recover from surgery, and launch a big photo project for the summer.  Hope this finds you all well.

The title of my photo project is "On the Edge of the Universe" and focuses on themes of listening and metamorphosis.  You can view the photos I've done so far here:

While working on this project I decided to do a photo of the island nymph Calypso, but soon it turned into a larger idea; one that I'm realizing through photos, animated GIF's, and brief video clips.  I'll edit it all together like a film, but it's structure is rather unconventional.  

That kind of work has been of great interest to me lately.  I love what Eren Gulfidan has done with "Refresh" and Patrick Jenkins flip-book video "In the Blink of an Eye".  Both of these projects take a well-tested medium and turn it on it's end in what they ask of you the viewer, how they engage you and ask you to participate.  Eren's "Refresh" asks us to fill in a lot of blanks, and conjures up very specific moments in our own lives.  Patrick's flip-book, being filmed, throws your brain for a loop with a picture inside an animated character's eye within a picture within a video.  Both turn "narrative" into a structural telescope that narrows in on the simplest idea, action, emotion, while garnering an acute reaction. You don't look away for a moment. 

Though we've already shot "Calypso", I feel like it's still in its early stages.  When creating the story, I had to have the shot list already in mind - what would be a photo, a gif, video...  When should the story move and stand still? Frankly, how best to manipulate the audiences emotional reaction through my choices.  Isn't that what editing does, manipulate the audience?  And now, as I begin the post-production phase, I can see even more possibilities, more ways to heighten the story and its emotions. I hope it works! The story in my head is very personal for me, and I hope to share that with others.

With the volume of shots and all the Photoshop work that I want to do, I'm thinking another 6-8 weeks before it's done.  But will post along the way on my progress and discoveries.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you're working on. What is inspiring you, and what out there you've seen that is different and unique in the world of film.

:)  Lisa

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