Campfire - making of the Puppet!

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Campfire was a film I made in 2 and a half months when I was a Junior in college.  It all started with this little guy:

Little Benjamin, or Campfire Boy as some call him.   This was just the clay sculpt for the Character, next came building the puppet... First came the wire armature...

Then a build up of foam, sculpted with small scissors...  (he had three heads for his three different emotions throughout the film - Happy, angry, and surprised)

Then the latex-paint skin and... PANTS!

And the rest of his clothes...

I had my friend, Courtney sew the tiny outfit, she did a wonderful job.  Little Benjamin has a great fashion sense.

And the puppet is ready to come alive!  Next blog post I will show the miniature outdoor set grow within my dorm room!

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A professional stop-motion animator and recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, currently residing and working in Portland, OR.

Most recently animated on the television show, Robot Chicken and LAIKA's feature film, ParaNorman.

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