Can we live on the moon?

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Can we live on the moon?


The question is one of the main popular. The answer to it is "It depends on what we consider living." Perhaps, yes. But it would be a big struggle for you. No cakewalk. A vast number of challenges would face anyone trying to settle down on the enormous white rock: no oxygen to breathe, solar radiation, lunar dust storms, and extremes of temperature. 


Living on the moon is the state of a constant discomfort: no coffee in the morning, no electricity, no necessary equipment that is required for a normal life. 


Scientist, however, have been working on finding solutions. Despite the quantity of difficulties, there are some ways we can remain on the Moon. It is just the beginning towards colonizing the Moon. We just need to start with the five most important resources people need for living: water, air, food, shelter and power. 

Transportation of water would cost a lot of money. For this reason it should be an alternative way found. For example, South Pole of the Moon is a possible source of the water. We just need a little bit more time to explore and make sure it is true. Another way would be shipping liquid hydrogen from Earth and mixing it with oxygen to create water. Growing food would let us get all the necessary chemicals and minerals for cultivating crops. The crops could be recycled in future. Buildings could be brought from Earth, and in order to create power we could use both solar and nuclear types of energy.


The project is possible, but very costly. At this moment such countries as USA, Russia and China don't find themselves interested in rushing this idea. However, I hope times will change, and eventually we will see the first citizens of the Moon.


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Zahar Krutalev - a historic and wanderer who was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

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