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Hey ya'll! 

I need your help. I want you please buy something from my Zazzle store. It's nothing much, but, Zazzle are major jerks. Why? Well, first of all, they don't do bitcoins and second of all, the percent of royals that is kinda bad. Let me explain, if I want to sell a keychain and the price is at $3.45 and I get a 5% royal for each keychain sold, which it's $.17. However, what if I want 75% royal for it? You could be thinking, yeah, that's about $2.58 per keychain sold! That would be true, but, when I plug that in, something else happens. The price of the keychain goes up. Instead of $3.45, it's $13.95, but, according to them, my royal payment per keychain would be $9.94. Does that sounds right to you? I don't like that I have to raise the price, just to get the royal that I wanted. In fact, there should be a fair amount of royals that a person wanted to make money. For a good way, I should get $2 for every $3.45 keychain is made. (I forgot that there are other types of keychains that I can made, but, it's the same situation) 

You can do is a few things:

  1. Buy stuff from me so I can get money going. (I need to in order to help someone)
  2. You can complain to the people behind the website about why are they doing as what I told you and also why are they not accepting bitcoin.
  3. Start a petition. I will gladly sign it.

Either way, I will be happy about it. Although, I wish there was a store like Zazzle, accept bitcoin.

Oh yeah, before I finished off, here is the link to my store:*

(The asterisk is there, because it's also a referral to have someone like you to start your own store)


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