cbsnews, Evidence of Innocence: The case of Michael Morton, Afghan prespective (English)

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Morton, is a person who has spent 25 years of his life behind the bars of the prison. "Did a prosecutor hide evidence that could have proven Morton's innocence during his 1987 trial?" asked the announcer of 60 minutes.

He was convicted of beating his wife to death. The time when they put him in jail, his son was only three years old. Marton said, "When they took me towards the prison, my son was screaming." This was the most emotional part of Morton's life for the team of 60 minutes.

When he was in jail, his son was raised by his relatives. Now, he does not believe that his father had killed his mom. For 25 painful years later, he finally cleared his name through DNA evidence, and walked out of prison, and began to pick up the pieces of his life.

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