Celebration of Chinese New Year Part-4

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The first meal on the New Year must not contain any meat. After the meal is over, people go to the temples to pray for peace, good health and give thanks for the happiness of the past year.


Parents do not scold their children on the first day of the New Year, and avoid quarrels so that the New Year may be a happy one.


The Chinese people that the whole year will be as good or as bad as New Year’s day and the harsh or rude words on this day will bring a bad year for them.


The house must not be swept out on this day, otherwise all the good luck will be swept away.


On the second day of the year there is a lot of fun and friend’s visits. Shops are opened on the second or the fourth day but remain closed on the third day and people stay at home.


They think that opening of shops on the third day will bring bad luck .

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