Childhood lessons (part 1)

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Our Childhood taught us many lessons which most of us never realize how important they were , Let's just take a trip down memory lane and see what it has been pointing at that we never realized .


Have you ever noticed a child who is learning to walk , when they fall ,trip or  bump into things at first they cry , then they get used to it and laugh when they trip or slip , and then they start walking and running in no time .

Same goes with our life when we start trying new things we don't have a clue what is going on , we become bitter and depressed and have no clue where our life is headed , then we try to improve ourselves , learn from our failures , and the failures don't mean anything as long as we have our eyes on the goal .And then we conquer all our fears standing proud of what we have achieved and of ourselves for never giving up on our dreams , goals and ambitions.

The Key is to never give up just like we never did when we learnt how to walk .

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