Chunchi - the people of the children suicides

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The French psychologist Olivia de Groc, joins the project to promote a case study on the situation of the children in Chunchi. The study will be allocated to associations as ANAR Foundation, NGOs like Volunteer Ecuador and all contributors involved in the project. Help us!

In a small town in Ecuador at 2, 280 metres above sea level, sixty two children have commited suicide over the last five years from hanging themselves, ingesting rat poison, solvents, gunpowder from fireworks, and other poisonous substances. In despair and desperation, their parents have fled to The USA or Spain in order to make a new life abroad.

Fifteen year old Luis speaks of death like a veteran of war. He doesn't know his father, and dreams of going to heaven to meet him. He and his siblings were abandoned by his mother when he was three, and he has unsuccessfully tried to end his life twice which left him unconscious and hospitalised. His mother's indifference and lack of affection leaves him in anguish like many other children from the town of Chunchi.



"The awful thing about God is that he is in the clouds."

The objective of this documentary is to inform the public of the social and psycological reality of overlooking these events. It is inconceivable to think about how these children live, not only in inhumaine conditions, but in misery from the lack of care and responsibilty. Any aid that is provided is superficial, in the majority of cases trying to cover up the tragedy, promoting the area as a tourist destination.

We think it's important to draw attention to this situation especially to the ears of those who could bring about a change to the lives of these children.

The money collected will go towards the costs of renting film material, transport, stay, editing, and the shipping of material to our contributors in Verkami.

Upon completion, the project sales will be shared between all associations and NGOs involved for the benefit of these children.

Filming will take place in September and October of this year, 2012.

We would like to thank all those who help us tell this story.


Sebastian Mantilla
Director and Producer

Pablo Romo
Line Producer

Olivia de Groc

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Many thanks.


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