Clash of Clans: Basic Defensive Tips

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      Welcome back to my amazing tutorial for beginners on how to be the number one clasher in the world! It’s been three days since you started your journey into Clash of Clans. Now that your 3-day shield is up, other players can attack you and steal your resources. You must have a good defensive layout to protect your base. You should build and upgrade all of your defenses before you move on to the next town hall level.  Make sure you have a large capacity in your storages so you can store more of your resources. Extra resources can come in handy when upgrading higher level buildings.


      You can also build walls to surround your base, which are your first line of defense. But make sure you don’t put everything single building you have inside your walls. Things such as your builder huts, laboratories, army camps, barracks, or spell factories don’t need to go inside your walls or else you won’t have enough walls to surround your base effectively. 

      Now, you must be wondering how to properly set up your base design to defend well against enemies. Here are some tips: When assembling your base, do not have any 3 by 3 gaps in your base because enemy troops can spawn there.   Mortars are the last line of defense against mass infantry, so keep them in the center of your base. Do not have any double layered walls because wall breakers (another type of troops) can blow up both walls at the same time. You don’t have to have your town hall in the center of your base. In fact you can keep your town hall outside your base since during lower level gameplay, you don’t need to care about your trophies. Just focus on getting and protecting your resources to upgrade more stuff. That’s all you need to know about setting up your base, for now. Stay tuned and subscribe for more Clash of Clans content! 

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