Clash of Clans: Beginner's Guide

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      After you read my previous blog on why you should download Clash of Clans, I'm sure you had instantly decided to get the game. Upon starting the game, you go through a tutorial, which you must complete. Once it is done, you’re on your own, left in the dark, with no one to help. This is where I come in. I’m here to guide you through your journey to be the number one clasher in the world. This is only part one of my beginners guide to Clash of Clans.

      To start off, you should upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors as much as you can for the first 48 hours. Make sure that you have built all of your gold mines and elixir collectors possible. When you can upgrade your Town hall to the next level, do it. When you upgrade your town hall, you unlock more buildings that you can build and can upgrade your current buildings to higher levels.

      To help you start off, attack the goblins in the single player mode to get gold and elixir for the first few days. Don't attack other players. It gets rid of your shield. At the start of the game you have a three-day shield. That basically means other people playing the game can’t attack you. Once you attack another player your shield gets deactivated and you can get attacked. However, if you attack goblins, your shield remains intact.

     When you have one day left on your shield. You should start building and upgrading your defenses. First, get a mortar. Mortars deal splash damage and can take out a large group of enemy troops. Then, build archer towers. Archer towers can shoot air and troops, making them very effective. Lastly, add cannons to your defense. Cannons are the core of your defense, but they have certain limits. They can only target troops on the ground and only shoot at them one at a time. As one last tip to rap up my first part to this tutorial, DO NOT USE OR BUY GEMS. If you use them now, you won’t be able to get a third builder hut for 500 gems. A third builder hut will allow you to construct/upgrade more buildings at once. You can earn gems throughout the game by completing achievements or removing trees. Stay tuned for part two to my beginner’s guide to Clash of Clans!   



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