Climbing your Mountain

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Are you happy with your life?  Or, are there things you would like to change?  Dissonance, or unhappiness, creates tremendous stress in our lives and often causes us to chase from one poor choice to another.  People who lack vision or goals stew in their own unhappiness.  The more they stew, the more unhappy and restless they become.  Eventually, depression sets in; and with that a lethargic sense of going nowhere; like trying to run through waist-deep water.  It's agony to live spinning and stewing in restlessness; no way out, sucking you down into a black hole.  Often, people use the distractions of work, entertainment, socializing, or substances to anesthetize their unhappiness. 

You are not alone.  Most of us have had to climb, or are climbing now, these mountains of confusion, of dissonance.  By climbing, I don't mean you'll be taking a stroll over a few hills.  I mean you'll be on a sweating and nauseating rock climbing experience; a type of climb where you are trying not to look down, while hanging on by your fingertips, while groping for a footing ledge.  It takes a lot of courage to keep on climbing when your heart is afraid.  It takes a lot of positive people along the way, encouraging and cheering you on.  It takes a lot of perseverance to continue when you just want to quit. 

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Hi! I am Engr. Ray Balba, 24 years old , networker, forex trader and Law of attraction practitioner.

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