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Colibri Plaza is a global media company which operates the richest two markets in this period: advertising and e-commerce. Investments worldwide, using old systems, television, radio, print media, over 3.5 trillion dollars! A huge figure!
It costs involving large companies!

Advertising that follows the old criteria more and more signs of slowing down! The idea of ​​winning a slice of this huge market, Colibri Plaza has studied the phenomenon and solve the problem: Colibri Plaza is now the only company in the world able to offer a new vision of advertising, with its unique certificate! Think about how many companies are interested to know your target market and to have a 100%!
And how much would pay for it! Colibri Plaza offers an absolutely negligible cost to the investment in the event the advertising systems! Moreover, with its system, it enables visibility SMEs that can not afford major investments!
The Colibri Plaza became viral and today the company is expanding its network throughout Europe and overseas. Colibri Plaza has another trick up its sleeve, he studied a criterion "mixed", which allows a return to earnings in network structure by simply watching everyday advertising.
Colibri Plaza is why you pay to see offers products and advertising! Colibri Plaza is satisfied that initial effort will be rewarded! Colibri Plaza has brought many innovations to the world of Network Marketing!

Colibri Plaza is on the market since 2012 and over time has developed to improve the supply, by the current that would say, unparalleled! It is based in England, but operates with subsidiaries in several countries, including Italy Italia.In signed an agreement with Banca Sella for payments.

 Come discover what's new in Plaza Colibri!

But what did ColibriPlaza so innovative and sustainable compensation plan?

Innovation is the idea ...

SPOT your URLs will be watched CAREFULLY

No media channel currently can not give that guarantee !!!!

COLIBRI PLAZA has studied the phenomenon and found the solution !!!

Colibri Plaza is the only company in the world that guarantees carefully watching its commercials for the user by viewing these videos accumulate loyalty points and virtual coins Coin Colibri.

What do I do with this virtual currency?

Colibri is also a business community where consumers can buy products with these digital coins using money gained from watching commercials.

 Currency Colibri is also convertible into euros, pounds, dollars, depending on the national currency using a weekly Pool in exchange platform.


 Currency Colibri was born in 2013 with the set value of € 1 and already today more and more people use this electronic money as payment for purchases made all exercises that are part of this project.

  CryptoValuta can be mined / view movies generated only by the platform and the project MINER

Thousands of people are becoming COLIBRI MINER (Colibri Coin) Every day
Activate your Paypal account and start receiving money INSTANTLY !!!

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