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It is always a hassle complaining about faulty or unsatisfactory purchases or services. You must obviously write a letter since a telephone call will get you nowhere, but if you are too conciliatory the letter will not be effective. If you are too aggressive, however, you will merely alienate people and you may have to deal with the same firm again in the future.                                                                       

It is also self-defeating to be too rude since you will almost certainly want your money back as quickly as possible and it is therefore in your interests to get the customer relations manager on your side. A fair but firm tone is most likely to achieve the goods in question and then move on to explain why they are not safe factory. Do not be unnecessarily emotive.


Do not be rude. Simply state what the problem is and let the facts say for themselves.

Provide a full and detailed legend of the problems you have encountered and supply a log of any precious communications you have had with the firm about the matter. Wherever possible, state the name of anyone you have dealt with at the firm alongside details of when you spoke to them and what was said. If possible, support your profess with testimony expert testimony or independent sources.


State what you wish to be done about the situation- whether you wish for a replacement item or you money back. Try not to be too negative try to compliment the firm on whatever rind of their service you consider to have been satisfactory. Avoid threatening comments but do not rule out the threat of legal action. Be prepared to carry this through, if necessary.


A complaining letter should be a real balancing act. You have to point out what has gone wrong, but you want the recipient of the letter on your side in order to help get it sorted out. You may feel furious at the way you have been treated, but you needn’t go in hard in the first instance. If the situation is not resolved quickly, you can adopt a stronger tone in a later letter. Don’t’ fire off all your ammunition in one broadside


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