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Comprehension means understanding something in all aspects. Most of us do not fully understand what we read. In order to be a good scholar one must learn the art of reading and understanding. Today comprehension is an important part of language learning.


  1. Study thepassage carefully two or three times till you understand it fully.
  2. If there are some words in the given passage whose meaning you do not know, simply ignore them.
  3. Youshould be able to understand the general sense only.
  4. Take the first question and read the passage again. Try to find out the words which form as answer to the question.
  5. In the same way try to find an answer to other questions.
  6. Don’t use the words of the given passage. Answer the questions in your own words.
  7. The tense and tone of the answer should be the same as that of the question.
  8. Don’t add anything from yourself. Limit your answer to the information given in the passage.
  9. Try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

                      The following solved examples will clearly show that method in practice. These comprehension questions have been selected for the students which one no understands English language. A careful study of these few examples will enable the students to answer this question successfully.


             Computer machine are sometimes called electric brains. They are called electric brains because they act like a human brain. They find immediate answers to problem which would otherwise be solved in months. A modern factory would need every large number of accountants if all the accounts work was tube done by men. Computers are used in space travel. They have enable man to get to the moon and back. They are used in offices, banks post offices, airlines and research laboratories. The computer has indeed made some of our difficult jobs very easy for us.


  1. Why are computer called electric brains?
  2. How much time does a computer take to answer a problem which would otherwise be solved in months?
  3.  What are usually used for accounts in a modern factory?
  4.  Why are computer used in offices and banks?


  1. Computers are called electric brains because they act like a human brain and they are run by electricity.
  2. A computer takes very short time for answering a problem which would otherwise be solved in months.
  3. Usually computers are used for accounts in a modern factory.
  4. Computers are use in offices and banks because they do work of many accountants and do it much quickly.


                                              Written By: Aafia Hira

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