Concept of Industrial Management.

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Today, I am going to write about Industrial management and accounting. Actually i found it on my text book while reading industrial management. And now i am going to write with the concept of those knowledge.


Industrial management term applied to highly organize modern methods of carrying on industrial, especially manufacturing and operations. Industrial management is a process of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and managing the activities of any industry. It combines and transforms various resources used in the system and subsystem of the organization into value added product in a controlled manner. Industrial management includes following for the effective management. Industrial Engineering and Management aims to uncover and solve organizational issues by attempting to establish a desirable allocation of management resources through the use of technologies.

In an area where reactions to continuous changes are needed, the field of Industrial Engineering and Management utilizes “technology on technology” including a variety of management technologies and history and philosophy of science and technology.

The industrial engineering and management view, approach, domain and methodology. It involves the environment which includes man, materials, money, and information. The environment with physical and mathematical sciences, humanities and engineering creates an approach for the industrial management and engineering. Broadly the industrial management concept includes the planning, controlling and organizing the system.

Planning is the activity that establishes a course of action and guide future decision-making. In this the person defines the objectives for the operations subsystem of the organization and the policies and procedures for achieving the desired objectives. This stage includes clarifying the role and focus of operations in the organization’s overall strategy. It also involves product planning, facility designing and using the conversion process.

Organizing are the activities that establishes a structure of tasks and authority. The managers establish a structure of roles and the flow of information within the operations subsystem. They determine the activities required to achieve the goals and assign authority and responsibility for carrying them out.

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