Conflicts targeting young girls in Afghanistan

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Even though Afghanistan is recovering from the aftershocks of the horrible war that tore apart the nation, there still are instances of violence that disrupt normal live. Civilians, the innocent people trying to rebuild their lives, are often the worst hit. In the last few months, nearly 2000 people were killed and over 1000 injured in airstrikes and other such violent incidents. Though the numbers of such attacks are dropping, it is still alarming to see that mostly women and children are targeted in these attacks. Young school-going girls are most susceptible to such violent happenings. 

While on one hand it is widely agreed that only education and exposure can uplift the lives of women in Afghanistan, the Taliban on the other hand, sadly, still think women do not deserve to be educated. As a result, they have always tried to stop women from studying and growing in life. And now with the violent strikes on young women, this idea is being consolidated. 

The United Nations and the officials of the country have been battling the negatives in an attempt to bring education to every child in Afghanistan, irrespective of their gender. This is a very positive initiative, as education is truly the passport to better living conditions for the innocent people of Afghanistan who have long suffered in their own land. A lot of measures have been taken to ensure that women and children are not targeted so frequently. The education of the girl child has also been put on high priority. 

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