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Even though the USHIJIMA JINJA SHRINE  is surely not one of the “famous” places in Tokyo, it’s one that catches one’s heart at once. It’s one of those spots in TOKYO. It has a quaint character, it emanates endless tranquility, and its unostentatious but elaborate wooden architecture are the elements that catch the attention of the visitor .


But not only the buildings of this shrine complex are interesting, there is also the statue of a COW that shouldn’t be missed. This statue of a cow was donated to the shrine  and it has the reputation of healing any kinds of sicknesses.


Touch the part of the cow’s body where your own body is plagued by any ailment, and remedy will be on its way. And faith can move mountains…. Have a closer look at the cow – the most shining spots on the sculpture’s body give an indication of the prime sicknesses in this area. And should you wonder why a cow was given to Ushijima Jinja, here is the very simple explanation: In Japanese “cow” is “ushi” (牛 / うし) – no more suitable animal for this shrine.





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