Crazy Facts: Part 1

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There are many facts that you may not know. Below are the first twenty five facts I've researched. The next fact part will be posted soon so keep a look out!

1. On average, a person is happiest at 7:26 pm on a Saturday night.

2. Thinking too much can make you gain weight.

3. Internet is causing people to be lonely, depressed, and possibly crazy.

4. Textaphrenia is the condition where you feel your phone vibrate twice as often as it actually does.

5. The twisty tie on a bread bag tells what day it was packaged: Monday- Blue, Tuesday-Green, Thursday-Red, Friday-White, and Saturday-Yellow.

6. The lump in your throat you feel when your sad is your body trying to surpress your body's instinct of oxygen flow.

7. Lazieness and inactivity kills as many people as smoking.

8. A morning kiss can help you cope with stress for that day.

9. Chocolate releases the same chemical into your body as your body does when falling in love.

10. Misophonia is the rage you get when somebody eats or breathes too loudly.

11. Every maze can be solved by the right hand rule. Putting your right hand the wall and following it until you find the exit.

12. Hearing your name being called when nobody called you is a sign of a healthy mind.

13. Unmade beds are healthier than made beds.

14. The number of seconds a four year old can resist a marshmallow is a sign of future academic performance. The longer they resist the better.

15. Dysania is the state when you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

16. Eating chocolate cake for breakfast can help you lose weight.

17. Prison meals on average are more nutritious than school lunches.

18. People who are easily embarrassed are more trustworthy and generous.

19. Too much stress literally causes the brain to freeze and shut down.

20. We forget why we enter a room because passing through doors creates "event boundaries" causing the brain to file away what you were just thinking about.

21. Timing significantly influences love. Individuals are more likely to fall in love if they are looking for adventure, craving to leave home, lonely, displaced in a foreign country, passing into a new stage of life, or financially and phsycologically ready to share themselves or start a family.

22. People with higher IQ's are more likely to do drugs.

23. On average, more Americans are killed y falling TV's than by terrorist attacks.

24. Foods rich in vitamin B6 increase dream vividity and in turn, dream recall.

25. Phsycopaths are very good at reading body language and use this skill to pick out their victims.

If you have any questions about any of these facts, please ask below. Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed it!

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