Creavite people are Messy

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A researched from Minnesota  proved that popular creative people have a messy office or room.  Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Steve Jobs office were disaster. Keeping things in conventional way consumes time for them. Cleaning requires space and time.

Why are a lot of creative people messy?The answer is fairly simple. Cleaning and organizing while working destroys focus. When you are working it completely messes up. It has nothing to do with the mess being 'inspirational' or the mess promoting creativity. the mess is simply the result of the artists focus being totally on the work. (and... artist actually do get pissed at the mess when they are working and can't find the tube of paint or the brush or whatever... but still, not enough to forgo the work to get all tidy about things).

Now I have reason to defend my desk and room. Good. :)




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