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Ella's Moments is a short film by Caitlin Donaldson, inspired by the experiences of her mother working as a nurse. The film revolves around Ella, a girl who is suffering from cancer, but has decided to sign a DNR form and embrace death.

I was extremely interested in working on this, as I love films that have production value, and as the film was being shot in a real hospital ward, I thought it would be a good production. This was one of the better sound recordist opportunities for me, as I encountered very few problems - except a noisy pair of boots in the room above us. 

I had the chance here to work the final day as a sound mixer, and the first two days as a boom operator, collaborating with sound mixer George Smith, someone who I had worked with previously. This was difficult for me, as I had to trust someone else to listen to the recordings and ride the mixer, but I could trust George, and I had to focus myself on directing the boom in some complicated lighting set ups. We were there for 100% clarity on the dialogue, and I feel that this goal was achieved.

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Student filmmaker currently studying Media (Film) Production at Staffordshire University. I have made a series of films in different roles at university so far, with my aim being to graduate as a successful Sound Artist ready to enter the industry.

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