Customers are not always right

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Customers are not always right


Hello everyone.I'm sure you've tried to buy or sell anything online. Or do you have an online store? Or have you encountered bogus buyers or bogus sellers?

As n online seller before, around 2012, I just started my small online apparels and bargain clothes for kids and adults too.
My rule is pay first before we ship.And I gave only 2-3 days reservation so that when she can't pay it with in 3 days,
then I will give it to the next buyer but she has to settle it with 3 days too.

I encountered 1 customer who wants to buy dress for her daughter before.
She asked me how to purchase online, how much is the dress, how much is the shipping fee, how many days before she'll receive the items
and what are my payment options.

I answered those questions nicely.
But she's demanding. She want me to ship the items already because her husband is on his way to pay in the remittance center(western Union)
That's what she said. But i felt something wrong. I doubt it.So I told her to send me the control numbers/transaction numbers first before I ship her items just to be sure.
She got angry to me. She said I don't trust her which is true haha.
She said her daughter needs it 2 days from now.
So I told her, If she want her items to be shipped right now then pay today so that i can ship it right away.

PLease read my rules first before purchasing.
She has the guts to get angry with me, duh!
Then, after few minutes she sent me transaction number.
And told me to ship it now.
So I went to western union to claim her payment.
I knew it she's lying . she sent me a "no match found control number"
Thank God I went there first. Or else I shipped the item without her payment.

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