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What festival is all about Eggs?... and Bunnies?



celebrationCute and fluffy bunnies on bitLanders.


Easter is celebrated on Sunday 16th April this year. To celebrate Easter, we’ll be releasing some bunny ears as accessories for both male and female avatars.

These Easter Bunny Ears are lovely, fluffy and also FREE!


Easter Bunny ears on bitLanders. Screenshots via

There is no Easter without eggs! During the celebration, we also added 5 Easter eggs. They are made of yummy chocolate and decorated with colorful candy and cute bunny ears!

1 Egg Basket and 2 Egg Balloons are also available for your avatar. 

All the celebratory items are available for 3 weeks, from April 04 to April 24. Each item costs 5 gems and rewards 1 buzz bonus for 5 days. 

eastereaster_sunday bitLanders Celebratory items for Easter. Screenshots via


Remember to check them out in the “What’s new” category in the bitFashionista online store.


Happy Easter! 

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